White Umbrella



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Mothers' Walk for the Future (and Fathers too...)


On May 4, 2019, we organize  the "White Umbrella Day" for the first time. It is the day, when we ask mothers from all around the world to walk in their local town by holding a white umbrella.


The "White Umbrella" is the symbol for purity, innocence, tenderness, as well as for protection.


The movement symbolizes mothers keeping their children protected and safe against environmental damages.


The aim of the campaign is to emphasize that protecting nature and environment is always important, and not just in rough times.


Restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues can also put out a White Umbrella - endorsing their commitment to the movement.


At the end of the walk, send a white balloon with a personal message to the sky for the lucky finder.


How to join?

It is a free, worldwide movement. You do not need to register anywhere. Just create a movement in your city by asking your friend to walk with you, or join an existing movement.


The only thing you need is a white umbrella.

(Alternatively, you can buy our  "campaign umbrella")


Enjoy the walk!