writing Magical Stories to Teach Children essential life skills, and have fun!
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What we do for Children Generate positive change We encourage our supports to use our book characters to extend the reach of the values we teach to generate positive change.
Deliver Free books to pre-schoolers
We continuously craft new children's books with our supporters to educate children about as many topics as possible. WE Bring new stories to life We team up with companies to distribute our educational books to kindergartens and preschools for free.
Our latest Book
 This book teaches children about the importance of trees and forests, and shows just how much we can do with simple activities. One day Mr. Porter decided to take the preschoolers to the magical Old Forest where they would be surrounded by wonderful plants, trees, and wonderful animals. However, once they arrive, they see an ugly, empty, deforested landscape. Mr. Porter explained to the children about the importance of trees to the environment. The children decided to take action and replant trees when cut down. TJ the tiger: The Big Tree Planting
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