No more MeToo Movement – Men Are Great

Some people believe the movement #MeToo has a done a lot of good, providing a platform for women to speak out on.

Of course, it is good to provide (real) victims with such opportunity; however the#MeToo movement has become a case of mass hysteria pure and simple, a by-product of the social media age.

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How Do Streamed, Ready-made Fairy Tales Destroy Your Child’s Imagination?

Real fairy tales take children to a different world and inspire them – and it is what we all need.

When our children are really young, they do not know much about the world, and it look them pretty scary. Fairy tales with their own miracles and wonderful creatures take children to a different world rather than the real one. To make our children benefit from tales, it is important what kind of tales we choose.

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Why Is the Term “Sustainability” Misunderstood?

Today the term “sustainability” is used everywhere, since use defines meaning, has it become “less”, has it become just a buzzword for marketers?

Is the term “sustainability” used exclusively by those who what to make the world a better place? In the age of continual natural disasters, increasing population and growing demand for food, water, and energy; it is more important than ever to work and live without harming our environment or each other.

We use a lot of natural resources to manage our everyday life, and it is normal that we all want our needs to be fulfilled. However, we have a choice of how to get what we want. It can be either harmful or beneficial.

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