No more MeToo Movement – Men Are Great

Some people believe the movement #MeToo has a done a lot of good, providing a platform for women to speak out on.

Of course, it is good to provide (real) victims with such opportunity; however the#MeToo movement has become a case of mass hysteria pure and simple, a by-product of the social media age.

Ever since #Hollywood (actresses) joined the movement, suddenly millions of women felt the need to share their abused by brutal men. The #MeToo movement has now become far more damaging than any good that it could possibly achieve.

Stand against violence not matter the gender of the perpetrator or victim

We absolutely must fight against sexual harassment of any kind; but we must not label men as always the villain, the perpetrator, for the sake of the next generation of boys. We must stand against violence in all its forms no matter the gender of the perpetrator or victim.

I have a son and he is amazing. He climbs trees, he loves playing in the mud and getting dirty; and sometimes we argue and he fights for his own truth, – but he is full of love, respect and kindness. He is far from being the monster that many would believe if following the #MeToo movement.

Stop defending and glorifying female abusers

Many of the women on #MeToo are just chasing a few moments of fame to make their fortune, revive their carriers and push their own agenda. Unfortunately, many of these women do not care that they are poisoning the next generation by spreading hate, doubt and unhappiness. Stop spreading your poison. I fear for the children of these women.

Last but not least, women like Amber Heard just made it a lot more difficult for actual victims of abuse to speak up….

Author: Eva T. Johnson

Founder and President of Promote CEE (Non-profit Organization, NPO). Twitter: @evatjohnson

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