What is the Future of Food in America?

Kimbal Musk was explaining the future of food in America, why real food tastes good and why it is better for you and the community.

According to Kimbal Musk, “fresh food” often comes from places like Australia. “Fresh foods” are usually harvested weeks ago and shipped to New York, L.A., Indiana or to other places. It is one problem that it doesn’t taste very good, but it is very low in nutrition.

“Fresh” food that is shipped from one country to another is heavily processed. If we process something, we increase calories and reduce nutrition. These “fresh foods” will make us quite unhealthy.

If we do not have to ship food for thousands of miles, it will not only taste much better but it will provide us with the right nutrition too.

Future of Framing: Growing, Buying and Eating Locally

“People in America started to understand that industrial food just doesn’t taste very good, – and it is bad for them, for the planet and for the local farmers” – Musk stated.

According to Musk, local farmers are happy to grow and sell their products locally, we just have to encourage them, – and as it turns out, it is actually a lot cheaper to grow locally.

Industrial foods are started to be replaced by real fresh food (grown locally), but it requires the understanding and the willingness of the local communities.

It is important that you buy food from local farmers. By doing so, you will get not only food that tastes better; but you also support your local community and the local economy, – and it is the least you can do!

“It is one of the most wonderful ways for you to be a good citizen is to support your local farmer. Eat at restaurants that support local farmers. It is an amazing thing for the local economy.” – said Kimbal Musk.

Watch the original video: WJS: Drawing the Future of Food in America With Kimbal Musk

Author: Eva T. Johnson

Founder and President of Promote CEE (Non-profit Organization, NPO). Twitter: @evatjohnson

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