How Do Streamed, Ready-made Fairy Tales Destroy Your Child’s Imagination?

Real fairy tales take children to a different world and inspire them – and it is what we all need.

When our children are really young, they do not know much about the world, and it look them pretty scary. Fairy tales with their own miracles and wonderful creatures take children to a different world rather than the real one. To make our children benefit from tales, it is important what kind of tales we choose.

The streamed, ready-made tales, cartoons that our children see on the television or YouTube are like the tales in books, but they are not. As soon as the steaming starts, the imagination of our children stops. Our children get chained to the digital devices and it makes them aggressive because the processing (imagination) and participation in the story telling is not required. I believe that allowing our children to watch too much streamed, ready-made content reduces their imagination and creativity.

How Does a Good Fairy Tales Look Like?

Good fairy tales requires imagination. If we read or tell stories to our children, they have to imagine the story, the characters and every little detail.

Good stories tell our children about good, bad, life, death, hate and love in the language that they understand. Good fairy tales reassure children and reinforce their confidence by demonstrating that it is always the youngest prince who defeats the dragon and saves the princess.

Good tales take children to a world they know and where they feel safe. Good stories can be told over and over again and children will ask to hear it again. Repetition is important since it is the basis of building self-esteem.

I believe that telling stories our children is as important as playing every day. We believe that without reading there is no imagination. Without imagination, there can be no creation.

Author: Eva T. Johnson

Founder and President of Promote CEE (Non-profit Organization, NPO). Twitter: @evatjohnson

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