Today, we are living in the of age of continuous natural disasters, increasing population and growing demand for food, water, and energy.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings us robotic automation, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. We have lot of new factors (problems?) to deal with… and these new innovations are here to stay.

The experts predict that children attending primary schools today will probably work in a positions that don’t currently exist. Often the question is asked “is today’s education is good enough to prepare our children for future work and life?”

Unfortunately, education institutions across the world still teach with outdated methods, requesting children to memorize facts and figures rather than give them practical experience. I have concerns about this “memorization-focused education approach” and believe that requesting our children to memorize facts and formulas without little or no relevance to the real life challenges can not prepare them for life.

Education should be much more than just reading and writing. Robots can also read and write, but unlike humans robots can not misuse their knowledge. We should teach children to apply their knowledge with care, to act morally, ethically and with emotional intelligence, to know the difference between right and wrong, which is beyond the capabilities of robots.

I believe that our children are the pillars of our nation and the future of the world. If we teach them right, they have the chance to end issues like racism, poverty and inequality; and they can free us from the hurdles that stop us from growing

Next Big Question: What to Teach Our Children To Be Successful in Life?

To me, “being successful in life” means to feel inspired to go to work, feel safe there and be fulfilled by the work we do.

I believe that only a fulfilled worklife can lead to happy and balanced private life, – and it is what I wish for not just for my own child but for every child. To get there, it is not enough to go to school, pass the exams and get degrees. Life is more complicated than that.

We should teach our children to communicate and work with the others (collaboration skills), listen to each other (active listening), care about each other (sociability, emotional intelligence), understand a problem and come up with different solutions to a scenario (problem-solving, creativity and inspiration).

If we do not teach them soft skills, they won’t stand the chance to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Published by Eva T. Johnson

Founder and President of Promote CEE (Non-profit Organization, NPO).

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