About TEQUA:


The TEQUA Germany founded its Hungarian subsidy, TEQUA International Kft. in 1998.


TEQUA International Kft. is the Hungarian license partner of TÜV KNOW-HOW CLUB of TÜV HESSEN GmbH, the world's leading auditor of corporate quality assurance and methodology.


The management consulting office of TEQUA has participated in and contributed to the success of hundreds of multinational, regional and start-up company processes over the past 20 years,. The TEQUA Academy provides learners with up-to-date, practical knowledge and innovative methods to increase efficiency at work and to generate positive change.


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"As a management consulting company, we find extremely important to teach children essential skills to be capable to work effectively and generate positive change."


           - Péter T. György

 CEO,  TEQUA International Kft.