Promote CEE

Media CEE is the Media Program of the organization of Promote CEE that supports the business development of Central and Eastern Europe.

One of the main functions of Promote CEE is to observe and analyze the publications about the CEE region. As a result of our observations we should state that although CEE is one of the world’s most dynamic regions with population of over 400 million people and an area of 23.5 million square kilometres, the CEE countries are still perceived as economically less significant former soviet states.

Each country and sector in the region is persuing their own strategy individually to overcome the negative perceptions however, – a strong coordinated media (PR) about the region is still absent.

This lack of a strong centralised media campaign has resulted in a perception of the region that is far from ideal and far from the polished, glossy image of the United Kingdom and United States, where business image is everything and where media is used as a strong promotional tool and as a means of damage control. The CEE region has been slow to adopt the new media technologies include social media platforms to promote the region.

The purpose of our media program called “Media CEE” is to create a “Media Alliance” of local, regional and global media who can and want to contribute, – to raise awareness of the economic and industrial developments of the CEE region with valuable media (ads) places and content.

By highlighting strengths – such as strong industrial base, rich natural resources, strong export growth and productive workforce – of the Central and Eastern European Region Media CEE can increase FDI.