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Promote CEE StartUp (icon)

Promote CEE UP!, the start-up program of Promote CEE, is founded with the aim to provide young entrepreneurs with great tools and services at “start-up-friendly” price. Read more >>>


MEDIA CEE Initiative is founded with the aim to create a “Media Alliance” of local, regional and global media who can and want to contribute, – to raise awareness of the economic and industrial developments of the CEE region with valuable media content. Read more >>>

Promote CEE  - Centrope Art (icon)

Centrope Art is founded with the aim to provide opportunities for young artists from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia to showcase their artwork to galleries, art centres and art buyers to start their career. Read more >>>


We support the initiative of MyCentrope that provides the citizens of the CENTROPE region with information on leisure activities, shopping facilities, culture and tourism in the four-country region plus insider tips in all four languages.

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