About the European Pallet Association e.V.:

Since it was founded in 1991, the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) focuse on developing and safeguarding the most successful open pooling system for load carriers worldwide.


EPAL awards licenses to carefully checked producers and repairers. These undergo continual and independent inspections by an external company for quality assurance (Bureau Veritas). Thus, EPAL is able to ensure consistently high quality worldwide for its EPAL pallets and box pallets.


Furthermore, EPAL undertakes valuable communications work and lobbying in order to strengthen the system in the long term and develop it further. Lastly, EPAL optimizes available products in close cooperation with market players and develops new solutions.


Read more: www.epal.eu


"We find important to teach children and families the importance of sustainability. We were happy to give our guests the customized version of the "TJ the tiger: The Big Tree Planting" book as a Goodbye Gift on our 4th Annual Symposium held in Budapest, Hungary."


- Martin Leibrandt, CEO,EPAL